How to create grafts

The grafting tool makes creating new grafts quick and easy. By following just three simple steps anybody can create professional quality grafts within minutes.

Step 1 - Prepare the plants to be grafted

Prepare the plants to be grafted, by removing all excess leaves and twigs. The tool contains a pruning attachment for this. The plant which will provide the roots is called the stock, or rootstock. The plant which provides the leaves, flowers or fruit, is called the scion.

Step 2 - Cut the rootstock and scion

The next step is to use the special grafting guillotine to cut both the rootstock and scion. This is normally the most difficult part of grafting, however with the grafting tool it's easy to create a flawless cut.

Step 3 - Bind the graft

Lastly bind the graft together tightly using black electrical tape. The extra heat under the tape helps the wound to heal and the graft to 'take'.